Seventh Street Ventures has had a history of creating, nurturing and scaling businesses. Being privately owned, we have been the master of our own destiny by starting businesses across different industries; finance, early education, digital and property development, some of which have been scaled and subsequently sold on to large publicly listed organisations. Focusing on the customer experience and the development of our people - our results deliver double and triple digit returns. We have started each venture from the ground up and have worked with partners to deliver outstanding solutions in every scenario.



The DNA of Seventh Street Ventures is one of hard work, fun and creativity. We are passionate about what we do and aim to make a positive impact in everything we are involved in. We believe there is opportunity for value add in every industry and in every human experience we have today in society.
We think big and we think fast, only getting involved in scalable opportunities
SSV will look to add value to our society by looking for opportunities to enrich people’s lives through what it does. We are the masters of asking “why” where others just accept the status quo. Innovation is at our core, but we don’t follow the crowd to innovate where everyone else is trying.
Our strategy is always to deliver the greatest experience to the end user and execute with precision to always be the better, faster, cheaper.
We are always looking to do good and make money.

SSV Strengths

Growth and return driven
We have delivered an ROI of over 200% in all ventures we execute
Delivering a premium customer experience
With any venture we have entered, we have heavily invested in delivering a premium customer experience as well as developing our teams. We believe people pay for value but avoid costs.
Speed and scale capabilities to execute to partner with larger organisations
We have a focused approach where we do not just have a stable of startups that get our undivided attention. We plan, support and execute ventures with efficiency and precision. We have a track record of scaling and partnering with ASX listed organisations.
Disrupting the status quo
We have a focused approach where we do not just have a stable of startups that get our undivided attention. We plan, support and execute ventures with efficiency and precision. We will also look to value add where others just accept status quo.
Capital available
We are not purely an investment firm nor are we purely venture capitalists...we are business people. Our approach to ventures and investments is one where we take a material interest in developing and scaling only the greatest business opportunities.
Privately owned
We are major shareholders in all that we do because we will only get involved with ventures that we can influence. We believe we have a wealth of business expertise and being the masters of own destiny means we get to write our own rules. Other venture capital funds back many startup ventures hoping some will work...we work only work on a few startup ventures knowing all will work.
Experience working with government subsidised industries
We understand what is needed to partner with large organisations, none larger than the government. Our operations management in these industries are second to none.
Has a track record of delivering specialised construction projects for partners
Our experience in this complex space has allowed us to move faster and be more effective for all our stakeholders.
Extensive experience across multiple and diverse industries
We are not afraid to take risks or make mistakes - this is how we learn and learning is powerful. Our broad experience and portfolio gives us diversity of thought and expertise.
Built a positive footprint with a human element to our business
People are at the heart of our operations. We believe we are in a privileged position so we take building a positive footprint for everyone around us very seriously.


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